Cypriot Cuisine

Since Cyprus went under the domination of various countries throughout history, it has been affected by the cultures of these countries. Therefore, the Cypriot cuisine evolved throughout the centuries under the influence of several cultures. It can be stated that the most significant effects were left by Arab countries, Ottoman Empire, Ancient Greece and United Kingdom.

Hospitality is of great importance for friendly Cypriots. Especially, eating family dinners on rich tables garnished with various foods and having guests is one of the most significant traditions.

Although there are plenty of food, drinks and desserts special to Cyprus, we have prepared a “TOP 10” list you should definitely try!


Mezes, Halloumi cheese, Sheftalia Kebab, Stuffed Vine Leaves/Vegetables and Molehiya, Sea Food-Fish, Ayran/Buttermilk Drink, Fruit Sweet/Glyko, Gadmer Bread and Cream Dessert, Tel Kadayif (Wiry Shreds), Katmer, Pastries, Turkish Coffee

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