General Information about North Cyprus

Capital City. The capital of North Cyprus is Nicosia.

Time. North Cyprus is located in Eastern Europe, therefore, the time used is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

Currency. The currency used in North Cyprus is Turkish Lira. American Dollar, Euro and English Pounds can also be used in your general expenditures and shopping.

Language. The official language in North Cyprus is Turkish, and almost everyone can also speak English.

Visa. You can obtain tourist visa with your Passport without paying any additional charges and can live in North Cyprus for 30 days. A Tourist Visa will have a Passport stamp for 30 days without any extra charges.

Internet. You can purchase 3G and 4G internet from any mobile operator offices.

Health services. Northern Cyprus has a health service of high quality. Public and private hospitals include the most contemporary health equipments.

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