Cypriot Cuisine

Since Cyprus went under the domination of various countries throughout history, it has been affected by the cultures of these countries. Therefore, the Cypriot cuisine evolved throughout the centuries under the influence of several cultures. It can be stated that the most significant effects were left by Arab countries, Ottoman Empire, Ancient Greece and United Kingdom….

Historical Places in North Cyprus

The mosque having, its original name as Saint Nicholas Cathedral, was opened in 1328 as a Catholic Sanctuary. It is one of the best examples of gothic architecture. Structural additions were made into the Cathedral in 1571 to fulfill the needs after Ottoman Empire conquered the island and it was turned into a mosque. It is one of the most magnificent and impressive historical…

General Information about North Cyprus

Capital City. The capital of North Cyprus is Nicosia. North Cyprus is located in Eastern Europe, therefore, the time used is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. The currency used in North Cyprus is Turkish Lira, American Dollar, Euro and English Pounds can also be used in your general expenditures and…

The Coasts of North Cyprus

Iskele is an incredibly beautiful, three miles long coastline located between Long Beach, Famagusta and Boğaz. Being one of the unique coasts of Northern Cyprus, it strikes with its natural beauty.With the implementation of Iskele Municipality Coastal Development Project for the last 2 years, this coast has…

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